Custom 3x5 Foot Flag

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Want that beautifully unique flag NO ONE else will have?
How about flying your favorite design or slogan high above at your favorite festival?
Totems and flags are becoming more and more popular with the upcoming festival season.
They're useful for locating friends, and expressing your creativity high above the crowd.
Great for advertising at your business as well!
Use your artwork, slogan, meme, or even a picture of your grandma, and we'll turn it into a LARGE 3 x 5 foot flag!.

    • 100% Premium Polyester
    • Single ply/1 sided digital print
    • 80% visibility on opposite side
    • Double grommets
    • 3 x 5 Foot dimensions
    • Making our flags lightweight, beautiful, and durable
    • Specifically designed to be used with our Totem Flag Pole

     Any questions regarding the customized item, artwork, shipping, etc. feel free to contact us at We can assist with your artwork! 

    Due to your flag being customized and printed on demand in the USA, shipping will be between 5-12 business days

    Note: Electric Origins logo will be placed along lower or upper right corner unless specified otherwise in notes.
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